So there comes a time when you make the news for positive reasons like, providing equal opportunity, giving hope, entrepreneurship, personal developement and adding value to the South African economy. This is when critics are silenced. This is when there is no more doubt and the truth prevails. I took this journey and I will never look back with regrets many will come and many will leave a few will stay laser focused and build a legacy. Just like Uber we disrupting the market many has tried to throw us off the course but we stay true to our dreams. Mark my words we will be a household name. You either make it happen, watch it happen or wake up so late ( Nokia ) and ask WHAT JUST HAPPENED! Move with the trend and grow or ignore it and die. You do want to make it happen, Don’t you? How many do you know using the mobile 📱? #everyone #justgettingstarted Have a great evening. God Bless

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